Los Angeles Team - "Hustlin'"

This is an AMAZING upcoming project under the Art of Dispute umbrella.  Spear headed by Nyles Flagg of Eyemagine Entertainment, they tackle the homeless epidemic in Los Angeles head on; documenting the story of many on the streets while also training them in the industry of film-making.  These individuals will shadow an industry professional, interning with them until they are able to take over a position; working on the show and hopefully with the organization on future projects to come.

 Even more amazing, this project is to be shot in cutting-edge technology 360 video / VR format & 2D. The episodes will be edited and then broadcast to TV, Cable & Satellite, as well as online as Pay Per View. 

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LA Project team

Nyles Flagg


 Show Creator / Runner / Producer 

Dorez Douglas


 Associate Exec. Producer

Willie Burton


 Associate Exec. Producer