Our Mission

 The mission of the Art of Dispute, Inc. (501c3) is to "Save America, one civil conversation at a time."  We're actually SERIOUS about that mission.  We believe that open conversation on controversial topics should be encouraged, enlightening, and empowering.  

Three guiding principles that undergird our efforts to accomplish that belief in everything we do on the show and in this group:    

1) Seek first to understand, then to be understood 

2) Assume ignorance rather than malice 

3) Be married to the truth rather than individual ideas  

When we practice these three principles we realize that in every dialog, whether it is a perceived "win" or a perceived "loss" or something in between, it is ALWAYS a win when seeking TRUTH is the goal. 

Our History

 Founded shortly after the 2016 elections, our founder (Joe Orsak) saw that America was devolving into a hateful environment of arguing and childish bickering (Especially in social media environments) rather than focusing on common points of agreement and an environment conducive to finding solutions to the problems we face.  So, the Art of Dispute was created to address this growing problem. 

501c3 & Certificate of filing

501c3 (pdf)


Certificate (pdf)