About the TV Show

The TV show grew out of our live social media show which started on Facebook in April of 2017.  The show immediately gained traction and weekly views as high as 15,000 on Facebook alone.  In November of 2018, we were contacted by Channel 46.3 KBPX (The NUDU) in Houston TX and talks began about a modified version of our show (Then called "The Wine, no Whine! Show"). From those discussion, the current version of our show emerged.  You can catch the show weekly on all social media platforms Friday's at 7PM or on channel 46.3 in Houston on Tuesday evenings at 8PM. 

In the current rendition of the show, each show features 3 guests; one business professional, one local artist, and one musician selected by our casting director based on a guest survey.  We attempt to mix up the panel with individuals from all different walks of life and viewpoints.  No one knows the topic of discussion before they arrive.  Even our hosts only know the topic vote list the day of the show. The guests are provided a list of topics to vote on and each topic is a controversial topic.  All guests are equally unprepared for the discussion which is a unique aspect of the show.  Our goal is to create a real life example of how we experience controversial topics in day to day interactions.  We pour a glass of wine, beer, or coffee/tea, and dive in.  What takes place is truly magical. 

Below are a few of our favorite shows.  Or you can click on the "Watch Past Shows" button to check out all of our past shows and individuals artists performances.

Watch Past shows


Is the gender pay gap real? (AoD S2 EP 21)

Join us with special guests Heather Bennefield, Veronica Longoria, and Joshua Belland with your host Joe Orsak (Go Seven Life) and your Co-Host Chris Minamyer.  Special musical performance by Heather Bennefield.

Should We Raise The Age To Own A Semi-Automatic Rifle To 21? (S2 Ep11)  With special guests Patrick Villarreal, H Scott Apley, and Melody Debraux performing her original Original "Sugar Daddy." 

Separated Mom And Dad fight Over Gender Confused Child: Who Gets To Decide, Mom, Dad Or Courts? (S2 Ep15) With special guests Teresa L Staley, Mike Rao, and Simon "Solid" Gomez performing his original "Lost Legs".

When Does Human Life Begin? (S2 Ep14) With special guests Marguerite Baldwin, Eileen Kay, and Jared "Vizionvry" Ravey performing his original "Grvsp drevms."